Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Martini Bowl 2010!

(This review originally appeared as a post on The Thursday Night Movie Club Message Board Feb 6, 2010 )

Every year on the weekend of the Super Bowl, Union Square Wines & Spirits holds a competition of various vodkas vs. gins called The Martini Bowl. Here's part of the tasting menu from today's tasting.

MartiniMenuF50.JPG (157.4 KB)

While I always prefer Bulldog Gin, this year, my pick was a local product, Seneca Drums Gin.

MartiniMenuB50.JPG (165.9 KB)

They served The Aviation Cocktail -- a classic! It's been a while since I've had this one and it was quite nice to try after such a long time ...

AviationCocktail.JPG (230.8 KB)

They had quite a lot of local product this year, as you may have seen from the tasting menu.

Here are some additional recipes.

FLRecipes1.JPG (229.4 KB)

More recipes from Finger Lakes Distilling.

FLRecipes2.JPG (222.2 KB)