Sunday, February 14, 2010

The St.-Germain Winter Sessions 2010

Union Square Wines & Spirits held the first of its St-Germain sessions for this year. Rather than blather on about the stuff (which I've apparently done a wee too much), I'll just post the recipe card they handed out at the tasting so you can see the various cocktails they served. If you have any questions or want to discuss it, let me know. If not, well then, there you go.

 One thing that was interesting -- the two bartenders that used Absinthe in their cocktails didn't pour it in: instead, they used some kind of perfume - like little sprayer to shoot a sprtiz or two into the glass before straining in the drink. Jason (who recently appeared on "Bartender Wars" on FLN, The Fine Living Network), told me you could buy them on Amazon. This somewhat resembles what they were using.

I went to another St-G Sessions tonight; here's the recipe card. 
Here's the tasting menu, with prices.


Here's my man, Jason Littrell, mixing a Sidecar at his bar Randolph on Broome.

The final St-G Winter Tasting Session was held tonight -- here's the tasting menu ...

Here's the rest of the tasting menu -- the big surprise and great new find of the evening was from Jason's Rachel Maddow ... the Ransom Old Tom Gin was *outrageous*! It's a very unique gin in the sense that it's got a distinctly brown hue -- obviously, quite unusual for a gin. The reason for this is due to the fact that it's aged in old whiskey barrels -- this not only gives it the look of a whiskey, but also, the nose and taste, as well. If you're a whiskey enthusiast as am I, this gin is most definitely a must try!


... And the recipes ...