Saturday, June 12, 2010

“Drinking Made Easy” Comedy Tour

On June 2, 2010, I attended the “Drinking Made Easy” Comedy Tour with Zane Lamprey, host of my favorite drinking show on TV, “Three Sheets”.  The show was held at a place that is now called The Irving Plaza Theater (because it’s located just north of Union Square, in a section known as Irving Plaza – DUH!), but has since been re – branded as The  Fillmore East, as a nod to the place where many fabled rock groups from decades ago used to play (although this is not the location of the original Fillmore East).

For those of you unfamiliar with Lamprey, he started in show business as a comedian/actor and gained some degree of fame/popularity with the “Three Sheets” TV show that was a cult hit first on an all high – def TV channel called Mojo; after the first three seasons of “Three Sheets”, the Mojo channel went off the air at the end of 2008.  The show eventually found a new home on FLN, The Fine Living Network, where its fourth season ran; unfortunately, FLN is now no more also.  So, technically, the show is right now no longer on the air, but for about a month, (mid – April to mid – May), it appeared briefly on The Travel Channel; rumors abound these days that “Three Sheets” may have another life someday on The Travel Channel, but we’ll see.  For the present, Lamprey is on his 50 – plus city comedy tour called “Drinking Made Easy”, which will also be the title of his new TV show on Mark Cuban’s HDNet channel in the fall; not coincidentally, it is incorporated into the title of Lamprey’s new book, “Three Sheets:  Drinking Made Easy!  6 Continents, 15 Countries, 190 Drinks and 1 Mean Hangover”, which the tour was also promoting. 

I’ve seen Lamprey’s live act a couple of times before at shows here in New York City when he did tours to promote “Three Sheets”, so much of the material that he did at Fillmore/Irving Plaza was not new to me.  In that respect, it was something of a disappointment – nevertheless, it was a good opportunity for hardcore fans of “Three Sheets” to gather, meet and drink (the small theater had a bar!).  The show featured an appearance by Steve McKenna (Lamprey’s college drinking buddy who can imbibe better than any of us), Marc Ryan (a comedian friend of Lamprey’s who was the evening’s opening act) and Pleepleus, the monkey that serves as Lamprey’s drinking companion on “Three Sheets”.  Supposedly, McKenna & Ryan will appear with Lamprey on the “Drinking Made Easy” TV show, which focuses on traveling around the U.S. learning about various drinking customs/traditions around America. 

Just in case you’ve never seen Lamprey’s “Three Sheets” TV show before, you can check out episodes from the first four seasons on Hulu

Like the show and want to watch it on your TV instead of online?  The DVD’s for seasons 1 – 4 are available on Mojo’s site

Information about the book can be found here

Lastly, here’s the schedule for his remaining Tour Dates.  If you’ve never been, you may want to check it out to catch up on everything you’ve been missing – and prepare yourself for the new TV series coming up in the autumn.