Monday, November 28, 2011

The Chivas Brotherhood




Recently, I joined something called The Chivas Brotherhood. I found out about it when I’d gotten an e – mail from Chivas informing me of its existence (I’d previously registered my e – mail address on their Web site in order to be informed of special deals and local tastings).

The Chivas Brotherhood Web Site describes their group as follows:

There's a certain bond that can only be attained by a group of men.

Men willing to forsake all other things in the name of true friendship. Men who know when it's time to spend quality time with the boys. Men who understand how to be chivalrous, not only to others but to themselves. Men who seek and conquer the finer things in life, as a group. Men who work hard and play harder. Men with decorum. Men with pride. These men belong to an elite group.

These men belong to The Brotherhood.



Upon gaining membership, I came to be informed that several parts of the country – including my locale of New York City – had what was known as The 1801 Club. These clubs are locations where their tastings often occur.

Where did the idea of The 1801 Club come from? In the year of 1801, a grocery store in the Highlands section of Scotland sold (among other things) Chivas; eventually, they started selling their Scotch to The British Empire. Once this occurred, Chivas Regal was then born and 1801 thus became a sacred year in the hearts and minds of the manufacturers of Chivas Scotch.

According to The Chivas Brotherhood Web Site, “The 1801 Club offers Chivas Brotherhood members access to exclusive, RSVP-only events at private venues in your city. Unwind, network, connect with other Brotherhood members and, of course, taste some Chivas”.

Quickly, I signed up for something called The Chivas Indulgence Tasting even though I had no idea what the purpose of the tasting was – its name alone was enough to arouse my curiosity. The Chivas Indulgence Tasting consisted of Chivas Regal 12 year old Scotch in a variety of forms – alone and mixed in cocktails. Chivas’ 12 year old is its most popular Scotch, containing a blend of 25 Single Malts, while its 18 year old contains 20 Single Malts.

I began the evening with the Blood & Sand cocktail, which contained Chivas, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Brandy and Orange Juice. This was followed by a Rob Roy, made of Chivas, Lillet Rouge and Angostura Bitters. Next was a Chivas & Ginger Ale, then something called Out Of This World – Chivas, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apricot Brandy, Peach Brandy, Lemon Juice and Orgeat. Finally, we wound up with a cocktail named “Ward 8 (1898)”, made of Chivas, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice and Grenadine.

The United States has a total of six Chivas 1801 Clubs; aside from New York, they are also located in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. If you live in or near any of these cities, I highly recommend you register with The Chivas Brotherhood so that you can sign up for future tastings.

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