Monday, December 06, 2010

A Distillery Grows In Brooklyn



How would you feel about drinking a Brooklyn-based Bourbon?  According to The Village Voice, the borough now has its own distillery.  Please click the link below for the full article:

Can New York City Make Good Bourbon?


Over the weekend, Kings County Distillery (New York's first whiskey distillery since Prohibition) opened its doors and welcomed visitors in for a tour and a taste of its just-released bourbon.

The bourbon, which has been aged for about five and a half months, is currently only for sale at the distillery, but will eventually become available in liquor stores come March. Why such a short maturation time (most bourbons age for about four years)? Kings County Distillery uses smaller barrels, meaning that the barrel-to-liquid ratio is higher than at a commercial distillery; thus, the bourbon doesn't need as much time in the barrel.