Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nationwide Commute Times


As a New Yorker, I’m thinking that maybe I need to move from Kings County (Brooklyn) to King County (Texas).  For the full article, please click the link below:


U.S. Census: New York City has nation's 3 longest work commutes; Texas has shortest


Looking for a shorter commute, New Yorkers? There's always King County, Texas.

The southwest county boasts the shortest average work trip in the country: just 3.4 minutes, a batch of new U.S. Census Bureau numbers released Tuesday shows.

That's barely enough time for a New Yorker to swipe a MetroCard and and stand on the subway platform.

The three average longest commutes in the mainland U.S. are all within the five boroughs: Staten Island is first at 42.5 minutes, followed by Queens and Brooklyn.

The national commuting average was 25.2 minutes per day.


In this economy, could it be possible that the reason the commute time in King County, Texas is so short is because there are actually no jobs there?