Saturday, June 16, 2012

9th Ave. International Food Festival – Day 2


Typically, the weather on the weekend of the 9th Avenue International Food Festival has rain on at least one day – I’ve attended some when it rained on both days.  This year, however, the weather was perfect on Saturday and Sunday – sunny and warm all day long.  On the final day, I decided to start off small with some finger food, so I got a chicken spicy roll from the Bali Nusa Indonesian restaurant located near 46th street. 

Bali Nusa Indonesian Chicken Spicy Roll


From Breeze, a Thai/French restaurant near 46th st, Thai Steamed Dumplings – a mixture of one chicken, one shrimp and one with veggies. 

While the purpose of the food festival is to highlight restaurants along 9th Avenue, there are some eateries in this Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood that are not located there.  Perhaps the best food I had all day came from a Mexican place on 10th Avenue and 47th street called Añejo Tequileria – the shrimp ceviche (and yes, I sampled the leche de tigre!) …

Food-wise, things ended on a rather disappointing note – I stopped by the stand of Leon Bakery at 48th street and ordered the Tacos Dorados – one with cheese, one with chicken and one with potatoes.  Unfortunately, it was a little bland to my taste, neither hot nor warm and not anywhere near as crispy as it looked it might be. 

Closing this year’s report on the festival is an unusual video of performers – a group of belly dancers, some of whom with a belly that had no business dancing, especially in public. 

Another 9th Avenue Food Festival is in the books – between the great weather and (mostly) good food, it was a success!  It is with great anticipation that I look forward to next year’s festival. 

For additional videos and photos from this year’s festival, please be sure to check out my Google+ page.

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