Saturday, January 29, 2011

Katoey Flight Attendants


Let’s say you’re on a flight and you suddenly discover that all of the flight attendants you’ve been leering at since boarding are in fact actually young Asian transsexuals.  Would that be enough to put you off of your in-flight meal or are you evolved enough to get past all of that kinda stuff? 

Well, as much as it might sound like the premise of a sequel to “La Cage Aux Folles”, the fact of the matter is that there may soon be an airline that specializes in such an all-“Ladyboy” crew. 

The London Telegraph recently reported that a new Thai airline is recruiting and hiring some “katoey” for their staff of flight attendants.  A “katoey” is Thai for a so – called “Ladyboy”:  a transsexual, whom the Thai people legitimately recognize as “The Third Sex” because of their abundance in that culture.  Here’s an excerpt from the article; please click on the link below to read the entire report:


Newly-formed Thai airline recruits 'Ladyboys' as air hostesses

PC Air, which has yet to take to the skies, selected three "Ladyboys" in its first round of hiring this week to promote equal opportunities for what is dubbed the "third sex" in Thailand.

Peter Chan, the new airline's boss, is enthusiastic about his groundbreaking move because of the opportunities it would afford transsexuals.

The transsexual flight attendants will wear special gold-coloured "third sex" name badges to help passengers and immigration staff to easily identify the gender they are faced with.


Could this kind of innovative thinking save the airline industry?  TWA could make a comeback and give the name Trans World Airlines a new meaning.  And would AirTran rebrand itself as AirTranny?  Think of the possibilities! 

Got any thoughts on this issue?  If so, post a comment and let us know whether or not you think this is a good idea …

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