Saturday, January 08, 2011

Key West, FL


In 2008, I visited Key West, Florida for the very first time ever to attend that year’s Fantasy Fest.  If you’ve never been to Key West, I highly recommend going – whether or not you attend Fantasy Fest.  It’s a fun place with a great bar scene and some nice restaurants (how can you not have seafood when you’re there?).  If you’re in the east, just a weekend (long or not) might be enough to give you the flavor of the place and consider a longer stay in the future.  Recently, The New York Times ran an article about Key West and it left me to yearn for the return; the article focused on what to do in only a 36-hour period.  A link to the article is below, along with the video from the Times’ Web site which accompanied the piece.


36 Hours in Key West, Fla.