Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does Your Boss Make You Vomit?


Can puking be considered a work-related injury if it’s caused by your manager?

That might be the case for one employee of The New York City Housing Authority – apparently, he’s been getting so much abuse from his boss lately that it’s been causing him to throw up fairly regularly.  Here’s a sampling from an article in today’s New York Post – if you want to read the entire piece, please click the link below:


Housing Authority superintendent says sound of boss' voice makes him vomit - NYPOST.com


Housing Authority Superintendent Anthony Dingle was so sickened by higher-up Demetrice Gadson’s constant berating that he would literally vomit, according to a lawsuit.

"I was constantly being attacked by her. I felt like attacks could come at any time. Every time I heard her voice, it triggered a sickening feeling in me," Dingle said through his lawyers, Michael Borrelli and Alexander Coleman.

Dingle, 48, claims that his boss became verbally abusive after he blew the whistle on her for alleged shenanigans.


So what do you think?  Will this guy heave if he gets the heave-ho at work?  Does his suit have merit?  Or is he just being a wimp?  Please post a comment below to let us know your thoughts on this matter.

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