Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Too Stupid For Sex


Is it possible that someone might not be smart enough to have sex?  A court in England certainly seems to think so.  It appears that there is a 41-year-old man whom they identify as “Alan” who has been tested to possess an IQ of only 48, which classifies him as someone with a “moderate” learning disability.  The court has decided that due to his low IQ, “Alan” is sufficiently incapacitated to the point that they have banned him from having sex.  The following is reported in today’s New York Daily News; for the entire article, please click on the link below:


Man with low IQ banned from having sex by secretive Court of Protection in England

"Alan" had already been under supervision to prevent him from having sexual contact with anyone but himself for more than a year. The concern was that his mental capacity prevented him from understanding the nature of sex or the consequences it could have.

He displayed no understanding of female sexual organs or their reproductive functions, according to therapists who conducted numerous tests on "Alan."

"His knowledge as to health risks was very limited and faulty," the judge said in his ruling. "He thought that sex could give you spots or measles. Although he knew what a condom was he was not able to put one on properly."


So, if your upcoming Valentine’s Day romantic interlude takes an unexpectedly unpleasant turn, you might want to find out the IQ of your partner in order to determine the reason why.

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