Wednesday, November 10, 2010



I hope someone will have the decency to let me know when one of these becomes available for mixed cocktails …

From The Village Voice (see link below)

Shoot A Brew: For the Lazy Yet Hilarious Boozer, an Automated Cooler That Shoots Beer into Your Lap

It looks like a hoax and might very well be one, but the folks behind Shoot A Brew would like you to believe that this invention is just what you need to liven your next party without even having to get up out of your chair. This automated cooler -- priced at $295, no less -- is equipped with a catapult mechanism that sends cans of beer flying in a gentle arc to whoever is standing up to eight feet in front of it. Genius? Gimmick? Gift idea for your favorite tailgating uncle? Um, sure, all of the aforementioned. After all, beer cans are back.