Thursday, November 11, 2010

Steak Search

Keens Steakhouse at 72 West 36th Street in Manhattan

The Village Voice seems to think that Keens Steakhouse stacks up as a reasonably good alternative to Peter Luger’s Steakhouse:


The Verdict: The place is about 85 percent as pleasurable as Luger, all aspects considered.

Dinner for two, with a modest bottle of wine, with tax and tip: $170. The chop is $45.


Although I’ve lived for over 20 years in the same section of Brooklyn where Luger’s is located, I’ve never been to that restaurant – partly because they’ve got a reputation for being difficult to get into and partly because they’re a cash-only establishment (the only credit card they take is their own).  Keens, however, sounds like a place that might just be a good substitute. 

For the full Village Voice review, please click this link:


Another Look at Keens Steakhouse, Formerly Keens Chophouse